Anonymous asked:
"This isn't a confession but can you tag irina/cris in it, since when is love about money? I think since Irina said herself cristiano helped her career, If a person thinks adriana and crisitiano would look good together BUT still thinks adriana may be too good for him, then obviously they are talking about her status as well as her reputation compared to the women he has been with, Its not even about her money and stuff compared to him but compared to his usual lovers"
footballwags-confessions asked:
"hey I'm a new confession blog about wags and maybe some of your followers are into it and could check out my blog?"

oki :)

Anonymous asked:
"' Anne V is so much better than Behati' k, Adam and Anne have been broken up for more than 2 years now so get over it. And if you think that had nothing to do with Adam, you're delusional."